• Dorai Home

    B J 1 Review

    a year ago

    I purchased 3 of the sink caddies. One for myself and two as gifts. Within a week one of the rubber feet broke off. I contacted Dorai Home and they mailed me one rubber foot. (You would think they would send at least two, if not four, just for good customer service) Within a month, two more had broken off and I used super glue to put them back on. Then I noticed there was a stain on the across the top. I tried to wash it off with dawn dish soap, but it looks like it has stained the product. The only thing it could be is dawn dish soap, Mrs. Meyers all purpose-spray or bath and body works lemon hand soap. All of which are what I keep on the caddy. I sent pictures in an email to customer service and never received a reply. I was visiting my friends home last weekend and noticed that her sink caddy has stains as well and looks awful. I think the idea of the product is great and it looks modern and sleek when its new. I had several other items in my cart and I am so glad I didn't purchase them. I would not recommend their products, even if they were discounted as they don't seem to hold up.