Kite Beauty

    Progga R 1 Review

    2 years ago

    I love Kite! The texture is unbelievable and it really is great for touch-ups. You can put it on top off makeup you are already wearing without feeling like you’re wearing layers of product. I’m not typically one to redo my make-up several times a day but Kite makes it so easy to do a touch-up any time I find myself in the bathroom the way I would reapply lipstick. I also always struggling with finding concealer that matches both my undertones and shade and was hesitant the shade would match my skin given the limited range but somehow it matches and blends perfectly! I’ve had a few other friends try of similar but different skin tone and it works well for them too - we found the sisterhood of the traveling concealer!


    I would actually use Kite as foundation if it came in a larger side. There’s actually a lot of product in each capsule - I don’t even use the full amount when I need a touch up - so far it’s been okay if you slide the capsule back into it’s cute little box but I still worry!