Front of the Pack

    Regina H 1 Review

    2 years ago

    On the recommendation of my dog behaviorist, we started using this for our year-old golden retriever. She had anxiety issues and horrible allergies, so we gave it a try. It's difficult to say whether it made a huge difference because we were trying several things to improve her health. However, since I feed her a raw homemade diet, I like the ingredients in this product as a supplement to her general health. I couldn't provide all these ingredients on my own. And she loves the flavor.


    I wrote to the company to ask if they could modify their packaging to be more economical. It ships in a sturdy box with a wooden measuring spoon and it used to have a cardboard canister to put the bag of powder into. I'm happy to say that this last shipment included a metal canister that can be reused. It's way better than having to recycle a cardboard one every time. I also suggested that they ship bags as refills rather than sending the whole boxful of stuff every time, but I know that takes further development.