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    Michele C 1 Review

    2 years ago

    We gifted my retiring colleague a Fondfolio to celebrate this special milestone. She absolutely LOVED it! She was blown away by how many folks took the time to contribute. Putting this book together just proved to us what we already knew -- she's so well-loved! As a normally avid reader, she read the book cover-to-cover pretty much right away. She's not the type to cry, but got "a smidge sentimental" reading everybody's well wishes (her words haha). We work mainly in numbers, so I'd say we're a less wordy contingent. She gave a special shout-out to those who filled in the other questions on the questionnaire, and how they made for a fun read between the (happy) tears :) Thank you Fondfolio for helping us pull together a memorable retirement celebration -- she will treasure this special book forever!