June 10, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted organic oatmilk, carbon neutral mascara, and dukkah-inspired seed, nut, and spice blends. 

We noticed a couple brands this week designed to help us get moving and enjoy the outdoors. There's recently launched Oncept, a shoe brand that drops five styles per season, and Whiteout, an apparel company making affordable activewear and outerwear. Sunday Supply Co, meanwhile, makes dreamy accessories to bring to the beach, like umbrellas, chairs, and towels.

We also came across a couple brands to help us socialize. Misette is a dinnerware brand that lets you purchase full tablescapes and Low Intervention is a natural wine company that sends monthly bottles by subscription.

There's one launch we want to note this week. Launched today, August is a brand reimagining periods for Gen Z with a big emphasis on community-led conversation. Cofounder Nadya Okamoto told us: "Right now, because of how stigmatized periods are, it is a feat if we even get talking about periods themselves and the actual product." She's clearly addressing a gap for young people feeling that their needs aren't being met — August's Instagram already has 146,000 followers. "We're not just about the actual period, blood experience, but we're trying to figure out how can we create support systems, whether it be emotional or physical products, to basically support the holistic experience of menstruation," she added.

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