April 8, 2021:
Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted eco-friendly toothpaste tabs, 1,000-watt personal blenders, and human-grade coat care products for dogs.

For our taste buds, we noticed pre-measured, mini spice portions from Occo and honey made from adaptogenic mushrooms by mycro. We also came across two brands focused on your nose, UNIFORM, a fragrance house making cruelty-free, unisex perfume, and personalized allergy treatment company Picnic.

Jenny Gyllander


A collection of adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods to improve Vitality, Cognition, and Immunity in the brain and body.


Occo offers consumers pre-measured micro portions of high-quality spices, sealed in airtight “forever fresh” spice pods

good light

good light is clean, gentle, and super-hydrating skincare for all people. We are focused on moving culture forward with product and purpose.


Fragrance house built from Swedish high-rises, innovating how to interact with perfume. Conceptualized in Stockholm and developed in Paris.


World's First Clean Beauty Brand for Dogs.


We meticulously engineered a best-in-class personal blender to help you add even more of the good stuff to your diet.


Our allergy experts will help you find the right mix of medications to tackle all of your symptoms — and they'll send your Allergy Pack right to your door.


PÄRLA is a sustainable, ethical and effective choice of toothpaste that looks after your smile – and the environment too.

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