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April 22, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted plant-based instant noodles, hemp-based natural sleep aids, and children's clothes designed by engineers and scientists.

Just in time for Earth Day, we noticed two personal care brands with unique sustainability angles. Plus is a new body wash sheet that dissolves in the shower and Soapbottle makes packaging for personal care products made from soap.

Last week, we covered the launch of Vacation, a new sunscreen brand from viral internet radio station Poolside FM. As part of launch, founding team Marty Bell, Lach Hall, and Dakota Green devised an instantly sharable way to spread the word. If you gave the brand your phone number, you received a business card for made up role at the company, like "Head of the Bottomless Mimosa Society." "We spent far, far too much time and resources on this thing, but we can’t stop laughing every time we play with it," says Bell. "This kind of entertainment x commerce is what we hope Vacation will be known for."

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