April 1, 2021:
Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted a toxin-free, modern incense brand, design-forward kitty litter boxes, and shirts made of upcycled Egyptian cotton from hotel linens.

A number of personal care brands also caught our eye. They include Handle, a company that uses old beauty packaging to create products with, well, handles, a curl and coil balm for black hair from Wavy Blue, and just-launched Youthforia, maker of makeup you don't have to wash off before bed.

Jenny Gyllander


Made in the UK with all natural flavours and premium spirits. More than a Hard Seltzer, Gerry's is known as the 'Purveyor of Good Times'.


We're a subscription service for high-end menswear.

Wavy Blue

Wavy Blue is a new personal care brand with one simple mission: to give shine to Black men that make waves everyday, everywhere.


Youthforia makes makeup that's good for your skin and safe to sleep in. Youthforia using clean, sustainable, plant-based ingredients.


AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing premium headphones.

Moody Incense

Good smelling, good for the world and good for your mood incense. Hand-rolled, responsibly made, all natural, all in a reusable pouch

Stockeld Dreamery

Creating the world's most ambitious cheese - superior in taste and nutrition, planet friendly, and accessible to all.

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