Week 28, 2020:
Brands spotted

This week, we’ve spotted at-home pottery kits, designer dog beds, ultra-inclusive beauty products and a new brand selling sake (Japanese rice wine) by the can.

We’ve also noticed more stirring in the cereal aisle, with yet another brand refashioning kid’s breakfast items for adult palates. First there was Cereal School and Magic Spoon, each with their own range of sweetly-flavoured-but-keto-friendly breakfast goods. Now they’re joined by OffLimits, which launched on 9 July with two adaptogenic and caffeine-packed flavours. Have you been testing any new products at breakfast?

What brands have you been testing?


At-home hair color for men? Colorsmith makes made-to-order hair color kits for men, with a first product focused on gray reduction.

Chhabra Chai

Delicious, punchy and sugar-free. Chhabra Chai makes boldly spiced hot chocolate and chai tea blends.


OffLimits is a cereal brand with functional flavors. DASH turns the milk to cold brew and ZOMBIE has the adaptogens to max your relax.


Pottery reinvented? Pottery kits containing everything you need to make hand crafted ceramics at home.

Dad Grass

Low dose, full toke, like your parents used to smoke. Our 100% Organic pre rolled CBD joints serve up a clean buzz without the fuss.


We co-create our skincare products together with our community. We strive to select effective and 100% vegan formulas.


Onda is a sparkling tequila brand inspired by the surf style of the ‘90s.


We make sake fun and easy. We put great quality, delicious-tasting sake in a fun can that you can take anywhere and enjoy with anyone.


A new way to test and treat UTIs at home using your smartphone. A new service from Healthy.io.


Dog beds worth dreaming over? Laylo makes design-forward dog beds that blend in with your home's decor.


A glass of m*lk, powered by peas? Sproud is a Swedish plant-based brand created by green logistics company WeMake.

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