September 23, 2021:

Brands spotted

This week, we've spotted skincare in terracotta vessels, a Swedish fertility brand, and design-forward pickleball paddles. 

We've also noticed a number of interesting drink concepts to note. Arlo is a West Coast hard kombucha brand that comes in flavors like grapefruit and mango. Kahawa 1893 is an ethically-sourced, sustainable coffee brand harvested by women farmers in Kenya and Rwanda. Pocket-sized Craftmix offers instant craft cocktail mixes for drinks like mules and mai tais in a colorful pouch.

One out-there brand to shoutout this week: Voyage Foods, an alternative food company making peanut-free peanut butter, bean-free coffee, and cacao-free chocolate.

Know an interesting brand we should have on our radar? Tell us here.

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