New year, no carbs: Keto brands see a January boost

How the “fresh start” mindset impacts interest in keto-friendly food products

Sarah Drumm
Magic Spoon, Photo: Thingtesting

In 2009, a recipe was posted on a Silicon Valley biohacker’s blog that would set a movement in motion. It was David Asprey’s instructions for making “bulletproof coffee”, a fattening drink that contains two tablespoons each of butter and oil, and that takes the place of breakfast.

David, whose ambition is to live to be 180 years old, said it could help you lose weight: he was following the keto diet, where carbs are restricted to no more than 50g per day.

Originally developed 100 years ago as a treatment for epilepsy, the publication of the bulletproof coffee recipe is thought to be the beginning of its modern-day popularity. Bulletproof 360 is now a fully-fledged food and drink business (although David Asprey stepped away in 2019), that competes alongside a number of businesses selling keto-friendly foods, drinks and supplements. According to market research firm Insight Partners, the global market for these products reached $9.7bn in 2018, and is expected to hit $15.6bn by 2027. And, according to Glimpse, a trend forecasting company that analyses data from search and social media platforms, these brands see a huge spike of interest every January, as consumers look for ways to get the year off on the right foot.

Source: Glimpse

Things have come a long way since David Asprey published his just-add-butter coffee recipe: modern brands that are selling keto-friendly snacking products today are now touting health benefits and natural ingredients (perhaps in a bid to reform the diet’s reputation of not being particularly good for health), as well as bringing plenty of influencers on board to help them shift their products.

15 brands tapping into the keto-friendly trend

Good One

Craft hard sodas made with fresh, natural and raw ingredients. Unique and interesting flavours. Low cal, low carb, vegan and gluten free.

Magic Spoon

Childlike cereal for grown ups? Magic Spoon makes low-carb, high-protein breakfast cereal in nostalgic packaging.


Crispy fatty super healthy salmon skins? Goodfish makes salmon skin snacks for keto dieters. 

Flock Foods

The ultimate answer to your keto snacking needs? Flock Foods creates chicken chips made from 100% real chicken, low in carbs & high in protein.


Plant-based protein for planet-based people? Lupii makes lupini bean-powered protein bars with minimal whole ingredients.

Over Easy

Mornings are tough, let breakfast be on us. Real food. No Junk. No stress. A better breakfast bar, for better mornings...and better days!

The Cereal School

A new type of cereal? The Cereal School is a functional food company that reinvented the sugary cereals from childhood by replacing the carbs and sugar with high-quality protein and monk fruit.


daring is the leader in clean plant-based chicken and was founded with one goal in mind: to remove chicken as a form of animal protein from our food system.


immi is the world's first low-carb, high-protein instant ramen. immi is also 100% plant based and keto-friendly.

Exo Protein

Maximum nutrition, minimum resources? Exo Protein specializes in insect-based protein - a sustainable alternative protein source.


Plant-based, complete nutrition in a shake.


Nick’s Swedish-style ice cream creamy without the calories. It's only 220-360 calories per pint, has no sugar added, and it's keto-friendly!


Gainful makes sports nutrition for every body. Our first 3 products are Personalized Protein Powder, Hydration, and Pre-Workout.


We re-invented the Oreo! Just like the cookies you grew up with, but now with zero sugar, 7g of protein and zero net carbs.

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