Gifts to elevate your coffee-loving friend’s personal setup

Coffee for me is not just a necessity in the morning but something that has grown into a hobby and passion. The last thing I did before going to bed last night was plan the coffees I want to make today. Here are some gift ideas for the coffee aficionado in your life.

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AeroPress, Clear

AeroPress recently released a clear version of their classic AeroPress, for an ever cooler look. This is probably the easiest way to make exceptional coffee at home!

Acaia, Lunar

If there was a single item that has improved the coffee I brew at home the most, it would be this scale. Weighing your input and output allows you to be consistent and take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. I also use it for practically everything in the kitchen.

Weber Workshops, Unibasket

Fancy espresso baskets are all the rage now in the espresso world, and this one is a solid choice that will give you a more even extraction.

Normcore, Spring Loaded Tamper V4

This spring loaded tamper ensures that you tamp your espresso with consistent pressure and always straight.

Kruve, Imagine Glass Set

Explanation: Their double walled glasses keeps your coffee hot while being cool to the touch, and it’s always a visual spectacle to watch the crema form while brewing.

Fellow, Stagg EKG

An electric kettle such as this one from Fellow gives you high precision and exact temperature control for your pourovers. It’s also quite beautiful!

Fellow, Stagg Pour-Over Dripper

You might have tried V60 before, but in my experience a flat-bottomed dripper makes it easier to succeed and produces a cup with sweeter more floral flavors, compared to a conical dripper that gives you more earthy and sour flavors.

Varied, Coffee Beans

While I would always recommend supporting your local roasters, it’s fun to try something new now and then. It’s a common misconception that dark coffee = good coffee, but in the speciality coffee world there tends to be a preference for lighter roasts. Find out what you like best – there is no right or wrong. Here are some of my favorite roasters to explore:


La Cabra – Denmark

Coffee Collective – Denmark

Prolog – Denmark

Frukt – Finland

Koppi – Sweden

Tim Wendelboe – Norway

The Barn – Germany

Manhattan Coffee Roasters – Netherlands

DAK Coffee Roasters - Netherlands

Nomad Coffee – Spain

Workshop Coffee – UK




Little Wolf

La Marzocco, Linea Micra

The Linea is an iconic Italian espresso machine that you can find in coffee shops all over the world, and the Micra is the latest and smallest version of this machine, adapted for home use.

Normcore, WDT tool

A WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) tool with tiny acupuncture needles that you use to break up clumps and even the grounds of coffee, thereby reducing channeling and providing more even extraction. Do you feel like a fool the first time doing WDT? Yes. Is it worth it? Also yes.

Niche, Zero

You grind your own beans, right? The Niche Zero is a very popular single dosing grinder, meaning you weigh your beans before dumping them into the grinder instead of having your beans sit in a hopper beforehand and weigh the output. The “Zero” in the name comes from the zero retention of coffee grounds left in the machine after grinding.

Kinto, Sepia Coffee Server

Explanation: Made by Japanese Kinto, this beautiful server is the perfect companion to any AeroPress or V60 routine.