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Gifts for your homebody friend

Personally, my ideal weekend is laying horizontal and scrolling through TikTok for hours while my phone’s set to "do not disturb". Quiet, slow days are mission-critical for me after a long work week. That being said, if there’s one thing I know a lot about, it’s about how to get cozy. This list is for all of your hermit friends out there, who might say that they have plans… but the plans are just sitting at home.

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Marlow, Pillow + Pillow protector

The snooze button on my alarm and I have become very friendly with each other because of this pillow. The adjustable zips on the side make it suitable for any kind of sleeper.

Archer & Olive, Dotted Notebooks

The go-to for note taking, bullet journaling, sketching, scrap booking, anything really. Make it more thoughtful and personal but writing a note in the back or hiding a photo of you two in the pages.

Subu, Slippers

We’ve all gotten cheap slippers as gifts that inevitably start to collect dust in our closets. This a cozy, sturdy pair that a friend will actually enjoy wearing 24/7.

Areaware, Serving Friends

This is an item they might see and love, but not buy for themselves. Everyone has serving spoons already, right?

MoMA Design Store, Miffy Floor Light

2023 was the year of the rabbit and it’s definitely Miffy’s era, especially online. And it’s not just cute- she’s practical! Having a Miffy light would heal anyone’s inner child and be the perfect hang-at-home companion.

Pura, Pura 4

Shopping for scents, especially when it’s for someone else, feels nearly impossible. Scent is personal. Unless you can take a peek at their candle collection, I wouldn’t recommend buying a specific fragrance for someone else. Luckily dozens of brands make their scents for this smart home fragrance diffuser, so there’s options galore. Best part? There’s two fragrance slots that you can schedule to turn on automatically- ultimate lazy girl hack IMO.

Atlas, Coffee Subscription

I was given this coffee subscription during the pandemic, and it was one of the most thoughtful things I’ve ever received. Atlas lets you travel the world without ever leaving your kitchen, one cup of coffee at a time.

Baggu, Bath Towels

Being a homebody = lots of selfcare spa nights, trust me. These come in the cutest designs that would match anyone's aesthetic, and personally, I think these are better than any luxury towel out there.

Plufl, Human Dog Bed

I just know the naps on here would be absolutely insane. Get rid of that old bean bag chair from college and replace it with this- extra points if they cuddle up on this with their actual dog (two for one gift, am I right?)

Natali Koromoto, Perfect Nap Throw Pillows

The explanation’s in the name. Anything designed by Natali has such a cozy, fun feel- there’s even a nap blanket to match if you’re really trying to win at gift-giving this year.