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Meet Jamie Grimstad

Each week, we check in with a different member of Thingtesting's community to ask what brands they've spotted, what they're testing, and take a peek into their recent reviews.

This week's feature is Jamie Grimstad, she's the founder of branding agency, Curated by Jamie, and cofounder of CBD gum brand, Favour. Read on to discover the brands she's recently spotted and everything else in her current rotation.

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Hi Jamie, please introduce yourself.

My name is Jamie Grimstad and I’m an NYC-based entrepreneur, marketer and wanna-be chef. For the past three years, I’ve been a Growth Strategist at, which allowed me to build my own ventures: Curated by Jamie (A NYC-based brand advisory, rooted in influencer marketing), and Favour Gum. As you can tell, I love building things and absolutely love being able to wear multiple hats!

What is your morning routine?

I’m a complete stickler for routine, so my weekday mornings all pretty much look the same. I have a 7 AM wakeup and the first thing I do is walk through my skincare routine and get a coffee going - there's truly nothing better. During coffee, I review my schedule for the day, check my email, and roadmap my work in terms of priority. By 9 AM I make sure to get a workout in - whether it’s a pilates class or a run. It sets my day up for success.

What are some brands you've recently spotted?

Le Prunier. Le Prunier was started by three sisters who believed in the power of plum. Their Plum Beauty Oil is probably the best face oil I’ve ever used. It’s a must-have in your beauty routine. Lookout for a new product launch coming soon.

Avocado. My new favorite pair of leggings for pilates, lounging on the couch, or running errands.

Catalina Crunch. I have never been a cereal girl, but Catalina is out of this world. It’s protein-packed, keto-friendly, and low on sugar.

Violante Nessi. A sustainable Italian womenswear brand founded by my close friend, Violante Nessi, who's on a mission to reinterpret the classics into confident, expressive collections for the modern woman. Violante is filling a white space between the two extremes (fast-fashion and over-priced luxury) with beautiful, elevated pieces that are timeless additions to your wardrobe.

SiO Beauty. I’ve been working with SiO Beauty for years and love their innovative skincare products for anti-aging. My favorite is the CryoDrop - an at-home facial sculpting tool that uses the power of cold therapy and massage to reduce puffiness.

What's a brand you've recently tested?

Who's a spotter in your own community that you look to for new brands?

While Thingtesting is the OG way that I’ve always spotted new brands, I do a lot of product discovery on Instagram through influencers that I work with on a regular basis - and also by just going down a rabbit hole. A few of my favorite spotters on IG: Shauna Faulisi, Bianca Gasparro, Hannah Fallis Bronfman, and Athena Calderone.

What else is in your current rotation?

I’ve been spending a lot of time building out CBJ’s newest initiative for 2022 - Jamie’s Box: a thoughtful brand discovery box that offers a new take on product seeding that is intimate, unique and fully managed end-to-end.

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