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Gifts for that person in your life who won't stop signing up for marathons

Running is a weird addiction - one day you swear your friend who signed you up for a half marathon is crazy and the next you’re suddenly a veteran marathon runner with a few international races under your belt. Regardless of where someone you love might be on this path, here’s a list of presents that will have them fondly thinking of you every time they lace up their shoes.

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Therabody, Massage Gun

Show you care about the athlete in your life by helping them invest in their recovery. A one-time spa certificate? Tired. A massage gun they can use whenever, wherever? Wired.

SPIbelt, Running Belt

The problem with most running gear is that there’s never enough pockets. Enter - the SPIbelt. It carries your phone, wallet, keys, and/or gels that you need while you’re on that dreaded long run on the weekends. Bonus brownie points for the water bottle attachment.

Shokz, Open-ear headphones

Runners put in endless miles while pounding pavements that are too often shared with cars. These headphones allow you to stay alert to the sounds of your surrounding environment while safely blasting 1989 (Taylor's Version) to get you through the toughest reps of that interval run.

Bandit Running, Compression race top

A common theme of running gear that will impress is pockets. This top from Bandit has an amazing slot for a phone in the back that I’ve never seen before as well as side pockets for gels.

Stakt, Yoga mat

This aesthetic yet functional yoga mat folds up so it can be used as a block and for easy storage. Perfect for pre-run mobility, cross-training circuits, and post-run stretching.

Feetures, Socks

All those horror stories about runner’s feet? Can be averted with super high-quality socks and I’m telling you, these are the ones. I will do no long run without mine on.

On Running, Compression shorts

These shorts have a high-waisted super comfy wide elastic waistband, and of course: pockets! I love the length - they’re not as long as biker shorts but they're not tiny volleyball spandex either. Look good, feel good, run fast.

Liquid IV

Gotta stay hydrated out there babes. Maybe more of a stocking stuffer present but I can guarantee this is a gift that will not go un-appreciated.

TIY, Hair ties

We’ve all been there. You’re working out / playing sports / running errands and you have to keep repeatedly tugging your ponytail tighter just for it to stay at the crown of your head. That basic black hair tie snaps in half when you try to fix it. Put all that to the end with these hair ties that will never snap + can be customizable to your hair type.

Vuori, Running jacket

A lightweight running jacket is the perfect gift for a runner since it increases the longevity of all your favorite summer running gear. Layers are key! The joggers and t-shirts from this brand are also incredibly soft.

Wellow, Compression socks

Compression socks have a bad rap for being ugly and uncomfortable. These socks are changing the game by boosting circulation and recovery while being oh so very soft, comfy, and cute.

JoJa, Medley Sports Bra

The back of this sports bra is stylish for wearing to the gym but also practical for keeping you cool. Also the colors? Adorable.

Beast Health, Blender & bottle

If your runner is picky about their actual gear or you don’t know their size, get them this beautiful and silent blender for them to use pre-workout, post-workout, and throughout their day.

Firefly, Recovery Starter Pack

Okay to be honest I haven’t tried this. But boy do I want to. These knee straps simulate a nerve in your leg to boost circulation and recovery and is apparently used by a slew of Olympians. I volunteer as tribute!

Hyperice, Compression boots

I can’t imagine a single athlete who wouldn’t want access to this 24/7 and let me just say, if you get this for your loved ones, I officially want to be your friend.