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Gifts for your friend who has everything

I like to set a high bar for gift-giving, so I always think through the “Friend Who Has Everything” lens. It’s a fail-proof gifting method. I have a bias for gifts for the home or items that make people’s everyday habits a little more special.

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Marissa Zappas, Annabel's Birthday Cake

Fragrance is transformative. It makes your friend who only wears hoodies and leggins, your friend who only wears hoodies and leggings and smells intoxicating. Marissa Zappas is my favorite perfumer because she has a super emotional approach to perfume making. This scent triggers a lot of memories for me from all corners of my head – balloons, frosting, honey. I promise it’s heavenly.

Brain Dead, Kerbi Stained Glass Night Light

New York gets dark in the winter! When I wake up early to make coffee or brush my teeth, I don’t always immediately want a harsh overhead light. These night lights from BrainDead are all one of a kind and add just the right amount of light to rooms.

Liquid I.V., Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free

Everyone has a friend who either parties too much, works out too much, or doesn’t drink enough water. Send them a box of these for the new year, and thank me later.

Projektityyny, Patchwork Quilt

My friends have done a great job at buying lush couches, and great cookware, and interesting lamps, but they’re slacking in the throw blanket department. Quilts add an immediate layer of luxury and together-ness to a room. The best ones move from bed, to couch, and back to bed again.

Lemme Live, Lemme Sleep Gummies

I really never saw myself becoming a Kourtney Kardashian customer, but these have changed the game when it comes to falling asleep at night. I take two an hour before bed with a big cup of tea, and it’s kind of become a funny ritual. You don’t feel groggy in the morning after!

Slip, Sleep Mask

I always thought these were so corny and something out of a cartoon, but my boyfriend got me absolutely hooked when we started dating. They block out all the light, and give you an unnecessarily great sleep no matter where you’re sleeping. If you want one more thing to jzuz up the sleep gummy-eye mask combo, add a pair of slippers or scrunchies.

Ichendorf Milano, Animal Farm Tumblers

I bought these for a new married couple for their wedding, and we immediately got the double date invitation. Everyone is getting into evening mocktails and elixirs (or sticking to regular spritzes) in the post-holiday months, and I think these are really special and timeless. A set of four can really transform how someone thinks about their barware.

ESOXOFFORE Kids Instant Camera

Honestly, I don’t even want to tell you guys about this. It’s been my secret toy for months but it truly is the best. As all your friends spend loads on getting film developed or worse, never getting film developed, give them the childlike joy of a weird instant camera. It prints instantly, and there’s a whole roll of paper inside so you don’t have to worry about limited amount of prints left.

Laura Lombardi, Amorina Pendant

*Cough, cough* so this is what I want this year. I love Laura Lombardi’s pieces, and if you’re based in New York you can visit her little shop in the city. Something about a classic heart pendant instantly adds femininity (and secret powers) to whatever you’re wearing, and her pieces are just unusual enough so that I always get a comment or two about them when I wear them.

Homecourt, Hosting Set

As mentioned at the top of this list, I think of fragrance as a really transportive part of people’s lives. If you have a host in your life, this set includes soap, hand wash, a candle, and cleaner. I’ve never used a cleaner that smells so good – it makes anyone’s home feel like an expensive hotel.

SC103, Links Tote

It’s really, really difficult when you discover the bag of your dreams and suddenly you see it everywhere – on the subway, in a friend of a friend’s Instagram photos, at a house party. But I’ve gotten past that bump, and I still adore these unique bags that seems to fit everything and look so very cool.

Benchmade, Pocket Knife

Beginners can elegantly slice through endless cardboard boxes and packages, and more experienced knife-users can cut through rope and twigs. It looks so elegant in your pocket, and they last forever.