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Gifts for your friend who wants beauty products that actually work

I’m Dianna Cohen, the Founder and CEO of Crown Affair. These products are a few of my personal beauty favorites that truly deliver on their promises, ensuring that you get more than your money's worth.

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Pause Well Aging, Gua Sha Tool

This is the best Gua Sha tool out there. It's been an excellent addition to my skincare routine, I use it twice a day. It’s improved blood circulation, reduced puffiness, and helped with lymphatic drainage. With beauty, it’s all about consistency to see results. As the new year approaches, start now and commit to yourself with a daily gua sha practice you’ll see a transformation within a few months. Bonus it comes in an Yves Klein Blue-ish vegan pouch to keep safe.

Tatcha, Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

It’s like a refreshing burst of hydration for my skin. It's perfect for a quick refresh during the day or as a finishing touch to your makeup. It’s not drying, like so many facial sprays out there— it does what it says it’s going to do: make me dewy.

U Beauty, Lip Plasma

There’s so many lip balms on the market, but if you’re looking for the most luxurious little gift (that the receiver will be so grateful for because it’s never easy spending more than a certain amount on lip balm…) then look no further, this formula is it. It leaves lips soft, hydrated, and not sticky while making them visibly more plump and full.

Joanna Vargas, Euphoria Face Mask

These masks make me look instantly more hydrated and fresh. Made with soft bamboo, this anti-redness sheet mask instantly soothes, calms and nourishes the skin. Powerful anti-inflammatory botanicals provide much-needed relief and deep hydration. I always have one in my dopp kit when I travel.

Higher Dose, Salt Soak

More of a splurge than my usual balt salts but it’s so worth it. There’s something about these feel more healing and deeply relaxing. I gifted these to my Mom a few months ago as a part of her birthday gift and it was hands down her favorite thing.

DS&Durga, I Don’t Know What Roller

This pocket perfume oil is perfect for on-the-go of one of my all time favorite scents— I Don’t Know What. Both my husband and I wear this on and off and 9 times out of 10 someone comes up and asks what we’re wearing. This scent does it’s job perfectly.

Westman Atelier, Mascara

Everything Gucci Westman touches turns to gold and this mascara is no exception. You had me at the beautiful red component, but the formula is equally as beautiful— it adds volume and length without any of the clump. I also have fairly sensitive eyes and I trust the quality of the ingredients in her products.

Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

IMO best eye patches in the game. They’re a great price and super effective. I always travel with a few. I even have my dad using them (he’s 79 and doesn’t really do much skincare), but he saw the results and was hooked.

Victoria Beckham Beauty, Reflect Highlighter Stick

This reflect highlighter stick is stunning— it gives the most wonderful glow without shimmer. The component is beautiful, it feels like a treat every time you reach for it.

Fara Homidi, Essential Lip Compact

The only thing that’s more of a delight than looking at this compact in your bag is the texture and color of the formula. I’m usually not a lip color person (besides a tint in my balm), but this product really resonated with me. It’s effortlessly layerable and the tones are just right.