Day in the life: Meet Amy Liu, founder of Tower 28

This week we chatted with Amy Liu, the founder of Tower 28. Amy worked for numerous makeup companies including L'Oreal, Kate Somerville, and Josie Maran before starting her own company, Tower 28, in 2019. Tower 28 makes clean makeup specially designed to be non-irritating for sensitive skin. We checked in with Amy to hear about what products are in her current rotation and find out what her days look like balancing childcare and running a business.


Hi Amy, please introduce yourself.

I’m Amy Liu, founder and CEO of Tower 28! I’m a longtime beauty executive and started Tower 28 out of my own need for sensitive skin-friendly products that were clean, affordable and wouldn’t trigger my adult eczema. In addition to this, I’m a mom of 3 and live in sunny LA (fun fact: Tower 28 is named after an actual lifeguard tower close to where I live!).

What do your mornings usually look like?

As Alfred Coffee says: But first, Coffee. I used to try quitting coffee every few months but my husband now insists that I just accept my addiction because he says I’m not a nice person without coffee. :/

I am an early riser (sans alarm clock) and get up around 5/530am everyday in an effort to have time alone. Between a busy family and business, it’s pretty much the only time I’m alone. Usually, I take my dog on a walk and listen to music or a podcast in an effort to get my steps in.

What does your current skincare/makeup routine look like?

My skincare and makeup routine is the same everyday. I don’t wash my face because I'm dry and I like the oils that develop overnight. I start my day with SOS Spray let it dry down. Then I use a serum (currently I’m loving the U beauty Super Hydrator and Shani Darden Moisture Serum) and follow with SOS Cream and finally a SPF (I’m testing a lab sample that I’m loving!).

Not surprising, but I use all Tower 28 products for makeup. My ride or die is Magic Hour blush, Swipe concealer in Ktown and Mascara in Jet.

Ok skincare is done. Now what?

I make breakfast and pack lunch, get my kids out the door for school. I try to go to Pilates a few times a week and I go to the office almost everyday even though my team is hybrid and only comes into the office 3x a week. My husband is our CFO so the line between personal and professional is already blurred, I like having the physical differentiation of going to the office.

Oh yes, congratulations on the new office!

Thank you! We are excited to have just moved into our first HQ! We’ve had so much fun decorating space with the help of brands like Tov Furniture, Emtek, and Rove Concepts. Now that we have our own office, it’s also been fun for me to share some of my favorite snacks with the team. Recently we stocked the fridge with Poppi and Kirra drinks and we always have snacks from SkinnyDipped, SmartSweets, and SkinnyPop.

Tell us about a typical Sunday:

Farmers market! I always go to the same vendors including fruits, veggies and sometimes flowers (it always feels so indulgent). My daughters love the tamales, too. I tend to spend Sundays making soup and doing a little meal prep for the week. I also clean the house, water the plants, and just generally putz around the house. It’s also my day to get my nails done, etc.