March 21st, 2024:

Brands spotted

Sadly, I was not one of the brand-obsessed people who attended Expo West 2024, but Best Behavior Cereal was one of the brands I spotted while stalking some attendees' Instagrams. Their Mocha Latte cereal looks to die for.

Cliik, a creative home storage company, launched yesterday! I had the chance to chat with the founder about the launch, and you should read the full story here.

Other brands on this list are La Fam, a streetwear company from Amsterdam that makes some of the coolest leather jackets I've ever seen, and Bastards, that sells made-to-measure dog coats and canine accessories. Do I have a dog? No. Do I still want to purchase a dog coat because it looks so nice? Yes.

See you next week Thingtesters!