Mack R 1 Review

    2 years ago

    My partner and I both bought a Crockd kit not realizing that we could have totally shared as the kits are meant for two. We decided to use one of the kits for a date night and it was so much fun! The clay breakers (question cards) are a unique touch as they prompt meaningful conversations. I learned new things about my partner even after being together for 8 years. With easy instructions and loads of design options, we felt well equipt to make multiple creations. My partner even asked to use our second kit a few weeks later since he had such a good time. We decided to make a trip to the kiln to get our pieces fired. Why not, right!? It was pretty easy to get everything glazed and fired. They turned out sooo cute and I now have the coolest mugs to drink from in the morning.


    Not sure as I was honestly really impressed with the whole experience and product.