Elle Z
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a year ago


I have a Samoyed - and typical of a northern breed, he's extremely active but is an insanely picky eater and not food motivated at all. He also has a sensitive stomach (so basically, TERRIBLE poops), which has improved over time, but something we still have to watch out for. My partner and I aren't first time dog owners, but this is our first northern breed, so we tried training strategies to get him to eat at first (which didn't work) and then began experimenting with every dog food imaginable, from luxury kibble brands, to fresh food brands like Farmers Dog, to me cooking for him (which was the only thing that worked but was way too time consuming and hard to assess from a nutritional perspective). Maev changed everything! He's actually excited for his meals now and we love that we can choose specific supplements for him: we add on Hair+Skin and Joint+Hip supplements to his raw food subscription, and a Digestion + Probiotic supplement to his vitamin bar treats. We can't recommend Maev enough to anyone who wants their pup to live / feel good for as long as possible, AND at the same time, save themselves months of transitioning their dog on and off different foods whilst suffering through terrible poops.... :) We'll never feed any of our dogs anything but Maev from here on out!

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