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ZBiotics makes a pre-alcohol probiotic to help with mornings after drinking.

ZBiotics Reviews

ZBiotics reviews


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29 reviews

2 months ago

Extremely effective. One of those things you have to try to believe. Works multiples better than any alternative I’ve tried - a clear head the morning after a night of drinking. Of course if you don’t get enough sleep you’ll still be tired, but totally solves acute migraines or cloudy cognition. The secret to drinking on a school night.

4 months ago

I can’t live without Zbiotics. I used to get awful hangovers the next day but I haven’t experienced a hangover in over 2 years since downing one of these before drinks. Yes, I still get asian glow and I feel groggy the next day, but it’s life-changing to not be bed-ridden and puking for a whole day.

a year ago

Like on other reviews I have noted, I am not a big drinker. I got these gifted by a friend so I tried them. Did I feel any sort of hangover the next day, no. Was it because of the ZBiotics or because I generally just don't drink a whole lot? I don't know. I probably wouldn't buy them, but I can't say they were a bad product.

7 months ago

I get pretty bad “Asian glow” whenever I drink so I really wanted to love this but unfortunately couldn’t tell if it made any difference. The taste is a bit unpleasant but nothing I wouldn’t be able to put up with if it worked.

a year ago

I’m so surprised I’ve heard so many great things about Z biotics. I‘m typically very sensitive to alcohol so I was excited to try this product out. I drank it before having two cocktails and also made sure to drink plenty of water. I woke up the next day more hungover than usual. My fiancé also tried one, even though he’s less prone to hangovers, and he also felt unwell the next day.


It’s overpriced, and it either doesn’t work or makes it worse.

2 years ago

I loved this product. Me, my partner, sister and her partner drank zbiotic before a night of drinking and we felt much better waking up the next morning! We each felt a bit different with my sister noticing less of a difference but overall good experience.


They product is expensive so some will say it is not worth it.

2 years ago

I used to get the worst hangovers from a few beers and 2 tequila shots. Something about the liquor had me hugging the toilet the whole next day. With these, I just drink one before I go out and I can mix any liquors I want (within modest consideration) and feel totally fine the next day. Miracle Juice!


tastes like microwaved pesto hahah

2 years ago

Can not tell if it works used it 3 times, still felt a headache and hangover the first time, but the third was better though still hazy.



a year ago

I've taken ZBiotics more than 10 times now over a few months. I've found taking an hour prior stops any bad effects and appears to neutralize acetaldehyde regardless of amount. I believe, knowing too early for clinical data, ZBiotics is a wise precaution for general health and to protect organs, and after many months I believe is effective at stopping ALD progression. Just sharing experience, it seems others have observed similar general effect. I also eat very healthy and take high-quality modern supplements, more so when needed. Researchers even advise 3 cups of regular coffee every day confirmed today by meta-analysis, who would have guessed. And red sage(salvia miltiorrhiza) has been making news for its magnesium in stopping fibrosis. Abstinence is best after a long life and ZBiotics is a wise precaution until then. DHM is another supplement that works just as well, a powerful combination to fight acetaldehyde's deleterious effects.