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Wyndly offers an easy, at-home allergy test for pets, pollen, and dust along with a physician consultation and personalized treatment plan.



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4 months ago

I ordered the product on a Saturday. After reviewing the product further, I decided it was not for me and within an hour, I canceled the order asking for a refund of my $259. I found the website misleading and unclear. They shipped the product on Monday then told me there was only a $49 refund available since the product was already shipped. I tried everything, but they would not own up to their "mistake" and issue the refund. Horrible and corrupt customer service. I would not trust a doctor who obviously cares more about scamming elderly people out of money than standing by proper business practices.


Make sure it is what you want before committing to it. There is no turning back once they have your money.

2 months ago

The treatment cost $40 for the kit, $250 for the blood test, and $330 for a 3-month supply, and none of this is covered in any capacity by insurance (I'm not sure why they ask for insurance info). After it arrived, I had to quit after 7 days. Every day of these drops gave me pounding migraines that I couldn't shift with painkillers or allergy meds. I could barely do my job and at one point almost went to the emergency room, wondering what was wrong with me. This disappeared within 24 hours of stopping the drops. Hopefully this works for some people but I wanted to share my experience here. I have moderate seasonal allergies and hoped this would be a permanent fix, but never expected these side effects. I prefer living with the occasional allergies and the the over-the-counter treatment at this point.

4 months ago

Wyndly's customer service is abysmal. When I encountered issues with my allergy test results, I tried reaching out to their support team multiple times. However, their response was slow and unhelpful. It took days to receive a generic and unsatisfactory reply. The lack of efficient customer support only added to the frustration and disappointment of my overall experience.

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8 months ago

I was so pleased with the efficiency and ease of my first test that I ordered another for my brother. The results came in promptly and in an easy to read format. I like that I have the report too from Dr. Shah

8 months ago

The test instructions from Wyndly were clear, easy to follow, and results easy to read. Would recomend this as an easier way than the standard allergy test in an office.

8 months ago

Fastest route to successful treatment there is! I recommended Wyndly to 2 friends that also trouble finding treatment

8 months ago

I absolutely love Dr. Manan Shah! I also love Wyndly, You are rock stars! Always following up with me and helping w/answering my questions! Always very prompt responses! This works perfectly for me! I don’t have time to travel around to appts! I work a lot! Virtual treatrment is the future! I’m getting better treatment & attention to my allergies then I have over the past 11 yrs! I tell everyone I know about this treatment! If you are on the fence about it, I highly highly recommend becoming a member!

8 months ago

Wyndly's test kit and treatment was a game changer for me. The results were accurate and the personalized treatment plan was spot on. I couldn't be happier with my experience.

8 months ago

I was extremely impressed with Wyndly. The team was trustworthy and easy to contact, and the results were spot on.

8 months ago

Wyndly's personalized treatment plan has given me my life back. The process was easy and convenient, and I felt confident in the team's ability to help me.