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Whiskey Me creates a premium whiskey subscription service.


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2 years ago

An excellent gift idea for any whisky lover. After getting gifted a three month substription to this, I was hooked! For the past three years I've been paying for the subscription myself and receive high end and unusual whiskies on pouch form on a monthly basis! The whisky arrives mid-month and is stored in a plastic pouch. They do however say that this pouch doesn't have any effect on the taste of the whisky and an additional eco benefit is that the empties can be returned to Whisky-Me in batches for recycling. You're meant to also get a free whisky in return although on the last occasion that I did this, one never arrived! Almost all of the whiskies that you receive are ones that you're unlikely to see being sold in supermarkets which makes the tasting discovery all the more special. They're from distilleries all over Scotland (or the world if you've subscribed to their world whisky subscription as well!) Some distilleries you may well recognise however there's a good chance it'll be a special edition cask that you never tried before. I've had whiskies as old as 26 years from Whisky-Me!


In the last year or so I've had some issues with the delivery of the product. On a couple of occasions, the delivery has never arrived however with an email to customer services, they're quick to reply and send a replacement out. This may be an issue with the postal service used but it may help if the packaging isn't as identifiable as being whisky!