Whiny Baby

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Whiny Baby creates high quality, fun wine, accessible for wine drinkers of all levels.

Whiny Baby Reviews

Whiny Baby reviews


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2 reviews

7 months ago

I love love love Whiny Baby!!!! After I discovered them on Instagram I knew I needed to try but ordering alcohol in the mail is a pain in the butt so I put it in the back of my mind for a little bit, and not even a month later they announced that they would be launching in some huge stores!! I visited my BevMo twice a week until it was finally on shelves and was able to pick up a bottle of Obsessed. It happened to be right before a girl's night so I brought it with me and all of my friends (and myself) were truly obsessed with it. The conversation starter was so fun and actually sparked some fun chats, and we loved writing down our memories on the back label and sticking it on the fridge. Not only is it the cutest and funnest wine you've ever seen, it's delicious too. I've never had a red that was so fruit forward without being flavored or sweetened. I've gone through a few bottles of Obsessed and have yet to try the other blends but I've heard from friends that Unwind is great. As a Cancer the name also makes me feel very seen 🦀 Whiny Baby forever

10 months ago

Works for Whiny Baby

SO proud to work for this brand. Wine that is true to the message! Delicious, easy drinking, chill-able! PERFECTION! The ideal wines for any occasion or gift + the sticker back label is unlike anything else in the industry. Obsessed (red) is seriously the best chilled red wine I have ever had. Truly