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Vibrants makes bio-frequency patches to help safely restore your body’s optimal balance when managing pain, sleep, and stress.


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4 months ago


I live with chronic pain. So I had high hopes, when I read it had a different mechanism of action than the want I was currently using. But, it didn’t work as I had hoped ☹️. However, I am going to try their other patches as they received good reviews. I will add another review once I try another type.


I would consider using these patches again, if they came in a higher dosis and bigger in size. Not sure how that would work with its mechanism of action. But, I’d try them again. TY

5 months ago

Doesn’t work. Might as well go and buy a piece of tape for $1 and tape it to my forehead and look like an idiot that way then buy this product again. Expensive for no reason. You pretty much pay for the quality of the packaging.

a year ago

So far so good so I started a new job and my first weekend at the new job. I was very stressed very very stressed. I saw these on Instagram I got the free sample. All I had to pay was for shipping which is five dollars and I am so much calmer so far . It’s amazing even having a cup of coffee I’m still calm.


Questions about placement I placed mine on the back of my neck. That way I wouldn’t be irritated by it notice it as much but I guess you can put them anywhere on your body.

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a year ago

Absolutely love the sleep ones-good night, still do not exactly understand how they work other that bio-frequency, I'm just totally convinced that they do. The pain ones are disappointing


They could adhere better. Several nights I've had them come off.

7 months ago

I bought the sleep patches and the pain patches. After taking melatonin and valerian root they stopped working and I always had weird dreams. I stumbled across Vibrants. 4 nights in I am sleeping great and not having strange dreams. The patch is easy to use no drugs no side effects. Pain patch I suffer from sciatic nerve pain. I am on day 3. My lower back pain & radiating pain down my leg are gone. I put the patch on in the morning and replace it the next morning. My pain is gone. I was skeptical on these patches but I am so happy I gave them a try.


Wish the price was a little less. But I did sign up for the subscription so that does make it more affordable.

10 months ago

I have had issues with sleep for a long time. I started issuing these and I am getting a full 8 hours. I have the stress ones as well, but haven’t had to use them as of yet.


I like this product and I am using my free trial now. I will order, again, so I don’t run out. I like that it’s a patch & not a pill. The patch does stay on the whole time.