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Vibrants makes bio-frequency patches to help safely restore your body’s optimal balance when managing pain, sleep, and stress.

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Vibrants Reviews

2 days ago

I have had issues with sleep for a long time. I started issuing these and I am getting a full 8 hours. I have the stress ones as well, but haven’t had to use them as of yet.


I like this product and I am using my free trial now. I will order, again, so I don’t run out. I like that it’s a patch & not a pill. The patch does stay on the whole time.

Innovative productWorth the money 💸
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2 months ago

So far so good so I started a new job and my first weekend at the new job. I was very stressed very very stressed. I saw these on Instagram I got the free sample. All I had to pay was for shipping which is five dollars and I am so much calmer so far . It’s amazing even having a cup of coffee I’m still calm.


Questions about placement I placed mine on the back of my neck. That way I wouldn’t be irritated by it notice it as much but I guess you can put them anywhere on your body.

Innovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸
Christina G's review of Vibrants
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3 months ago

Absolutely love the sleep ones-good night, still do not exactly understand how they work other that bio-frequency, I'm just totally convinced that they do. The pain ones are disappointing


They could adhere better. Several nights I've had them come off.

Lovely customer supportInnovative productWorth the money 💸
Michelle A's review of Vibrants
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