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Veso makes alcoholic aperitifs from a white wine base, infused with organic fruits and whole spices, to drink alone or mix into a cocktail.

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February 2021
October 2021
San Francisco, U.S.
Chris Beyer
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About Veso
Veso is an alcoholic aperitif made from honest, real ingredients. We infuse organic fruits and whole spices into a white wine base, resulting in a complex, sophisticated drink that can be sipped on its own, made into a spritz, or mixed into a cocktail. Drinks nowadays seem to always be lacking something. Too many use lab-made flavorings, and don't actually contain any of the fruit or spices they are supposed to taste like. We wanted to create a drink we were proud to share, something "honest", that uses all real fruit and spices, but doesn't sacrifice taste. The final product is delicious, with a flavor profile like a cocktail, but so easy to make - just pour and sip. We fell in love with old-world European aperitivo culture, and the drinks that fueled it. But we wanted to tweak them for a modern drinker. We bring in whole fruit and spices from farms and suppliers all over California to our winery in San Francisco. Then, we infuse that into California-made white wine, resulting in a drink bursting with flavor. Our drinks are crafted to be good enough to sip on their own, but are versatile enough to play well in cocktails too. "I wasn’t satisfied with what I was drinking and the culture that surrounded it: one of excess, but lacking in taste, meaning, and a connection to the ingredients. I wanted something that tasted great. But I also wanted it to feel good too - made with a process I could be proud of, with ingredients straight from farms. Along the way, some great memories were made, and I realized that it wasn’t just about creating something better in the bottle. It was about enhancing the entire experience, inspiring a more intentional drinking culture. One that is built around people, places, and memories." - Chris Beyer, Founder
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I love drinking Veso's Vanilla Nightfall with sparkling water after work. It doesn't feel as heavy to me compared to a glass of wine.


Would love to find Veso in more stores!

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