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Tula makes a skincare line using probiotic extracts and superfoods.

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3 days ago

Received a free product from Tula

I have been loving this whipped hydrating face cream for the cold winter months here in Canada! Its heavy enough to keep dry skin at bay, without clogging your pores or caking under your makeup!


2 months ago

I used the Purifying Cleanser and unfortunately, it was very irritating for my sensitive combination skin. I got red splotchy spots on my face and it dried my skin out.

5 months ago

This sunscreen feels so amazing. It leaves the most beautiful glow on your skin and you know with the spf 30 you are getting your skin is covered with protection! Smooth silky feel and works great!

a year ago

Most of Tula's products are meh to me - they are good but I don't really feel like they're doing any more or less than other products I have. Recently, I've been very into their cooling and brightening eye masks.

6 months ago

I worked in skincare and cosmetics for 2 years, and I have tried many products. First up, other than the "superfood" call outs on the packaging, there isn't really anything spectacular about the ingredients. I also feel that when using the products, they felt like generic products. Also, most companies are all using the same ingredients and just call them out to fit their marketing. Other than that, one of my jars broke and when I went online to talk to customer service, I was met with someone who must've had a really bad day since they were not so nice to me. I got no help and was stuck with a broken jar that I couldnt get the mediocre product out of. Poor customer service. Waste of money. I wouldn't recommend.

a year ago

I really don’t get what the type is. The products don’t blend easily in the skin AT ALL. I’m not convinced that the ingredients are that great either.


Make products that are easier to applicate/blend and be more transparent about the ingredients

7 months ago

I’ve used the cult classic cleanser, secret solution, mineral magic, glow and get it, triple hydrex complex, and 24/7 moisture. I’m on my third set. It’s fantastic for my sensitive, allergic to gluten/ wheat, and seriously oily skin. I love it all. My favorite product is the mineral magic. It’s a fantastic oil-free mineral uva and uvb sunscreen. My skin looks matte fresh while wearing it and no burning! My 17 year old daughter tried the mineral magic and liked it so much she asked for her own tube to keep in her backpack for after school sports practice.

a year ago

Friends with Tula

I have friends that work for TULA. It was fun while it lasted by using these skin care products. I'm a straight cis dude so I get questions about skincare from other straight cis dudes about my skincare routine. I'm usually allergic to other skincare products but this worked well for me. I also enjoy the design. Only issue is that it's pricey.

a year ago

Didn't like the "cult classic" purifying cleanser. Very drying on my skin and never felt like it got all the dirt off - Often resulting in more breakouts, which was a real bummer. Wanted to like it but skin response says it all.