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Tinto offers a variety of artisanal, natural wines.


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a year ago

The natural wine options from Tinto was world class. The Rose is my favorite with a rich taste profile. Plus, there's 0 sugar!

a year ago

I’m not a huge wine person but I really loved these, especially the 24-day skin contact orange from 2023! It paired wonderfully with our dinner of different proteins and veggies, even dessert. It’s different from anything I’ve had and is going to be a household and dinner party staple from now on (:

a year ago

Delicious wines, very shareable and a crowd pleaser. Clean finish and impressive complexity for such a natural wine. Customer support and care second to none.

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a year ago

I don’t usually write reviews, but this wine is absolutely worth it! Drinking wine usually gives me a crazy hangover and instantly triggers an unpleasant reaction due to my chronic hives - Tinto however is the only wine that 1) does not give me a hangover, 2) does not trigger any hives, and 3) tastes PHENOMENAL - especially the skin contact orange (my fav). To top it all off, it’s all natural! Not only is it the only wine I buy for myself anymore, but it makes a great gift!! 😄

a year ago

Incredible wine. I love the orange! Have ordered it as a gift and to drink myself - doesn’t miss! Perfect all year along and will be a party favorite

a year ago

Never disappointed. As someone with allergies these wines are delicious without unnecessary additives. Amazing customer service too.