The Cumin Club

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The Cumin Club sells kits to make authentic Indian food.

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The Cumin Club Reviews

The Cumin Club reviews

7 reviews

2 months ago

Portion sizes are really small, and none of the meals are a good source of protein. They also don't have any spicy options - subtract three chilis from their scale if you've eaten Indian food anywhere else to get an accurate comparison. Also, the reviews on their website are fake. They don't let you leave a real review.

7 months ago

Pretty sure they’re trying to target people with roots in India, but I’m just a white guy who’s lived in New York, DC, and Boston my entire life, and my wife is from Philly. Bottom line: This product is sensational. We recently moved to a rural area of the country with the nearest Indian restaurant like 45 minutes away. So glad I discovered cumin club - flavor wise, it’s actually a cut above your average good Indian food place in DC or Boston (NYC has places with literal Indian grandmas doing the cooking, so its a bit unfair to compare to that). It’s all freeze dried and so you have to rehydrate it in various ways, which I think is the secret to how it can be better than restaurants, let alone anything frozen from a box. Lastly, the variety is amazing - Yeah they have palak paneer, and it’s amazing, but they also have tons of other dishes with flavors we’ve never had before, and they’re all winners. Cherry on top is the ingredient list - super simple, no nonsense. Second cherry is the price. Protips: read the preparations on each dish as some require a pressure cooker, the Roti is actually fresh from Canada and not at all freeze dried, and definitely don’t sleep on the carrot dessert.

a year ago

VERY DISHONEST COMPANY. I placed an order with this company. Waited over two weeks for an item to restock. Setup a subscription and waited. They sent me someone else's order. It took them days to send me a return label and they promised to send the correct order. Here we are over a month later and they refunded my money silently without even fulfilling their promise. Customer support is seriously lacking. The photo is what they sent me. I only ordered 10 items. 7 of which were methi malai. Had I known they would do this to me I would have accepted the order as it was since they wanted to send me freebies..

a year ago


100% recommend this delicious instant Indian food to anyone who has no time to cook! They are as healthy as they are convenient.


More variety

a year ago

The food tastes the best and authentic. It never fails to remind me of my country (India). I just love the super fast and simple preparation. I mean literally in 15 min! And also it has a wide range of Menu Items to try.


If you are an Indian Food Lover, then you must try The Cumin Club. Highly recommended.

a year ago

Just incredible! The fact that they have so many different flavors and it's so easy to make, healthy too? Must try all the flavors. It'll be so difficult to find a favorite cause they are all YUMMY!

a year ago

I tried these meal kits and they are so good and phenomenally flavorful. The meals are so close to home cooked food and everything is delicious and super convenient as well. The instructions are very clear and they are super easy to make. A delicious inexpensive lunch/dinner can be made ready within minutes with "The Cumin Club" meal kits. I would highly recommend these meal kits


Great website, amazing food and good customer service