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Tens makes sunglasses featuring rich and warm colors.

Tens Reviews

Tens reviews


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2 reviews

3 years ago

I got my first pair of Tens back when they were just an IndieGoGo campaign back in 2014 and I still remember being blown away putting them on for the first time. Just really solidly made sunglasses, and makes everything beautifully colored so much that you don't want to take them off. Really glad they've grown into so many extra styles and exploring different lens types too.

2 years ago

I got my tens 2-3 years ago. I do like the color filtering. It makes everything look much more warm and pleasant. Unfortunately, I get eye strain when wearing them and sometimes even a headache. Can't tell whether the glasses are causing these symptoms, yet, I'm less inclined to wear them. Several weeks into owning them, I noticed that the frame was slightly distorted. At that point, I didn't bother to return. Now I regret it.