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Supply sells high-performance personal grooming products for men.

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5 months ago

Love the design of my single-blade Supply razor and the injector is so satisfying to use. It is a bit small for my hands, and the shave isn't the closest ever, but the shaving experience is more enjoyable for me now so I cannot complain.

a year ago

I wanted to love my first gen Supply razor, but it took me a while to hold it lightly enough to use it and get the feel of it. I managed to use it after a while, but it clogs easily (the newer edition doesn't do that). For a pricey razor, I expected a smoother experience. That said, the right shave oil and cream with the razor makes a difference.


I do wish they'd remove plastic packaging/casing from their shaving cream as they used to do and create a razor that doesn't clog so easily. I unscrew it and clean each part often.