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SuitShop offers a collection of quality suits and tuxedos for men and women, tailored to fit every body.


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6 months ago

I was super unhappy with the overall fit and just returned it, as I don't think adjusting the size would have done me any favors. I remember the material being good, and it was well constructed, with well-done details.

a year ago

Works for SuitShop

SuitShop has quality and affordable suits to own for less than the price of most comparable rental options + amazing customer support that makes shopping for suits online simple and painless (they don't need measurements, everything is online, and free shipping/returns). As someone recently engaged, having a one-stop spot for all things suiting and wedding group management, SutiShop is a no-brainer. And as a woman that loves elevated-casual fashion trends (pic attached in my southern-glam-styled, women's navy tuxedo!!), it's great that there are also options for me too!


We love the fit and fabric but would love to see some more style options in the future.