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Skagerak creates a wide range of home essentials and accessories.

Skagerak Reviews

Skagerak reviews


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2 reviews

a year ago

Definitely a luxury item, but I've been extremely happy with each product I've bought, and they feel like they're a long-term investment into something of high quality that will brighten your day for a very long time.


I'd fill my home with Skagerak if they weren't so expensive.

a year ago

Skagerak makes beautiful, classic design-pieces that for me really represent the danish design heritage. I remember many of their styles from my childhood (where they were called trip trap) - and I have purchased the exact same wooden tray that I had growing up - the design is timeless! I god one of the pots for christmas and it's such a nice elevated alternative to a regular teracotta-pot! I love their pots and smaller pieces -makes for perfect gifts - and I'm dreaming of adding one of their benches to my balcony this summer.


The pricepoint is quite high - especially for some of the bigger pieces. But worth every single penny!