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Je ne sais quoi for all? Sezane is a French clothing brands.

Paris, France
Morgane Sézalory
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High qualityCool look & feelBusiness casualAmazing websiteLuxury
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High quality women's fashion. Been familiar with the brand since ~2016 or so. In recent years they've branched out from a couple releases a year to continuous; from primarily clothing to a pretty healthy line of jewelry, shoes & accessories. Beautiful quality & prints, beautiful styling on the website. Special shout out to their outerwear which is top notch (although lightweight, very much suited to urban winter).


The silhouettes pretty much stay the same season after season. Not very size inclusive in their branding or range of sizes. Their outerwear is always blink-and-you-miss-it, emblematic of how there used to be supply / stock out issues where runs would sell out very quickly.

High quality
3 months ago

Love their clothes, and love that they make everything in small quantities.


Sizing could be better and more consistent. With a lot of their dresses an XS is too big (and I'm not that small!)

Business casualEveryday wearAmazing website
6 months ago

For my birthday I decided to treat myself to my first (and last) Sezane order-- a long list of items I had been saving in my cart. I was beyond excited and checked daily to see progress as everything was shipped out. It was a pretty expensive order, so I wanted to make sure things were on track. I was so in love with all the items and I felt like a kid waiting to unwrap the gifts under the Christmas tree. Fast forward a few days after shipment and my package had finally arrived in the States! FedEx reached out for a customs form, which I sent over electronically and immediately. Then the agent at FedEx said they needed descriptions of the items, and that my invoice with the list of items was not enough. (They needed sourcing info for fabrics, etc.) I sent the agent the generic Sezane email address for them to contact, and then I forwarded what FedEx needed in my own separate email to Sezane. I was anxious that there was a delay, but it all seemed very standard for a foreign shipment. Over the next two weeks, there was several more emails back and forth to FedEx and the Sezane Support. It was mostly just me relaying messages that FedEx needed the sourcing info, and Sezane indicating that they were on top of it and the package would be released for delivery soon. I checked tracking several times each day. Then FedEx gave me a "final request" email saying that they needed Sezane to respond otherwise they would send the item back. I made sure that Sezane was aware of this with another reminder email. I was again reassured they were on it. As you can guess, my package was sent back to France. I was absolutely heartbroken. When I reached out to Sezane to see what could be done, I was brushed off and there were undertones that it was MY fault that the package was sent back. I was told that since the package went to a different "Workshop" for returns, there was no way to send it back to me and if I wanted items I would have to reorder. I am in utter shock at the last correspondence I received regarding my order. It's absolutely unacceptable. I did everything on my part to facilitate delivery and completed every instruction immediately and to a T. I went above and beyond to make sure there was an understanding of what was needed from FedEx for my package to be released from US Customs. I asked again and again if there was anything I could do to assist with the process. I was told numerous times Sezane was in communication with FedEx. Customer service directly said "Your package appears to be blocked with FEDEX. I just contacted them, so the situation should unblock!" I feel misled and lied to. From my understanding and directives from FedEx, the reason this order was returned came from a complete lack of facilitation and diligence on Sezane's part. The only offering I was given was "If you want to reorder, I think it is better to change the address of your future delivery or complete the instructions to facilitate delivery." Even if I reordered, some of the items are no longer available. Even if I sent it to a different address, the same issue of customs needing item descriptions would still occur. I'm awaiting their response and will update when I hear back. It's truly such a shame because I was going to be such a loyal customer spending beaucoup $$$ for their goods. It felt like they had something special, but now I will have to spread the word of what a terrible experience I've had to hopefully save others from going through the same process.


It's clear that their customer service does not have the ability to problem solve or follow through on their promises.

2 months ago

Obsessed with this brand. The clothes are just beautiful, and I especially love the chic touches like the beautiful tags, items wrapped in tissue and my name written on the outer box.


The 'archives' sales are insane. Shoppers can put loads of items in their basket, which means they appear sold out, even if they're not eventually bought.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Luxury
7 months ago