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Ruti makes an advanced bioenergetics technology that measures cell frequencies, pinpointing imbalances

Ruti Reviews

Ruti reviews


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a year ago

I am amazed at the accuracy from the RUTI scan. The results of the scan helped to finally bring clarity as to why I was feeling so sick. This was huge for me! It was easy and quick to set up a consultation with Erin after i received my results. Although Erin is clearly a skilled professional, she was very caring in helping me to understand the next process of healing. After completing the remedies, applying the advice (not perfectly) from Erin’s insight and knowledge, then repeating a scan…. Healing is happening! I will be doing a 3rd scan after the remedies I am on now. Approaching a place of maintaining. So thankful!

a year ago

Friends with Ruti

As a health care professional trained in Western medicine, I can be skeptical of alternative health interventions. I found that Ruti was not only informative, but effective for my symptoms. I have struggled for years with digestive issues and anxiety that began to decrease my quality of life. After the scan, altering my diet, taking remedies, and prioritizing my mental health, I have experienced immense relief from these symptoms that has continued to this day. I’m grateful for the healing I experienced, and hopeful that Ruti will provide hope and healing to many!

a year ago

A friend introduced me to Ruti and bioenergetic testing in October 2021. Having spent the prior 9 years working with doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists and alternative practitioners at some of the most respected medical practices in the U.S. but failing to identify root causes of my escalating physical and mental health symptoms, I was becoming increasing desperate. With one scan (a total cost equal to 0.7% of what I had spent on medical services, labs, tests, and related in the preceding year), Ruti delivered a simple, easy-to-understand, and stunningly detailed report of everything I had been struggling with and which traditional medicine had failed to recognize. Not only that, I was able to take the results of this first scan and compare them with the results of previous bloodwork, labs, and tests to validate the information and accuracy of the scan. Methodically, scan after scan and with successive recommended supplement, dietary or lifestyle change, I began to see improvements. It sounds trite to suggest Ruti has transformed my life, but it has. Today, I'm healed, and it's because of Ruti.

a year ago

Received a free product from Ruti

Ruti makes it so easy to learn more about your body. It’s super easy and quick to send in your cheek swab and hair or nail samples. After testing, which takes a few weeks, they get back to you with your full results and the opportunity to do a consultation call with one of their trained healthcare professionals. I did mine with Erin who is super knowledgeable and not only gave me a remedy plan but also offered so many tips outside of the remedies they sell. I would recommend everyone doing this. The results also include food sensitivities so it’s a great, less expensive alternative to completing an allergen panel as well.