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Ripple makes a variety of dairy-free, nutrient-rich milk alternatives.

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20 days ago

The unsweetened version has a smooth, creamy texture and great neutral taste, so you can easily drink it in coffee, use it in cooking, or even drink it by itself. Provides more protein than most plant-based milks and comes in a variety of flavors, I would recommend if you are looking to try a new milk alternative!

2 months ago

Ripple is so thick which surprised me compared to other milk alternatives I've tried. I like they they're nut-free, something that was largely left out of the alternative milk movement. I really like the vanilla in a a peanut butter and banana breakfast shake, otherwise, it's not quite the consistency that I desire to have in cooking/baking/etc.

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6 months ago

Pricey! But the chocolate milk is like drinking a little milkshake. The consistency is super thick. Ripple is great for drinking and baking but I would avoid using it in cereal/ oatmeal due to the consistency. Get the chocolate milk! I wish they would offer a strawberry flavor 👁️👁️