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Remedy Drinks makes a range of sugar-free kombucha, sodas, and switchels.

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6 days ago

I haven't tried all the flavours, but I've tried a few and I quite like them. They're not for everybody, but if you like Kombucha, then this is a brand to go for.

Remedy Kombucha Raspberry LemonadeRemedy Kombucha Cherry Plum

2 months ago

Love their energy/digestion and immune+ shots. I always pick up a couple when on the run, or feeling run down.

Remedy Immune+ ShotRemedy Energy ShotRemedy Digestion Shot

3 months ago

Best tasting mass market Kombucha. Don't love that it has erythritol, but if you limit yourself to one, then these are great.

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a year ago

So the canned version of Remedy is MUCH better than the bottled version. I did a video review over on my TikTok of this but a TLDW of that is that the flavor is amazing, although the kombucha slime at the bottom is gross.

8 months ago

My go-to kombucha. The size is perfect—I usually think that kombucha cans & bottles are just too big for a single serving, so these are just the best. Some flavors are better than others, but I think that's just up to personal preference!

7 months ago

The Remedy kombucha drinks are so refreshing and satisfying. They don’t have that sickly sweet taste of soft drinks. My favourite is the passionfruit as it has the strongest fruit flavour without tasting artificial and is just the right balance of tangy and sweet. The serving sizes are perfect too.


Definitely try the Passionfruit. Otherwise, the mixed case is a great option because it has 6 different flavours.

a year ago

Love these! Low calorie/sugar, great taste and reasonable price point. Ginger beer and peach kombucha are my favs

7 months ago

One of my favourite kombucha's. Great tastes and flavours which don't get too dry on the mouth after a few sips. Kombucha is a really subjective drink but for me Remedy have just the right balance of taste.


Great range of interesting flavours. Always on the look out for new editions.

a year ago

Best tasting kombucha I've ever tried, the passionfruit is so nostalgic as it tastes exactly the same as pasito to me, except sugar free and really healthy!


Don't love the packaging design, the label could be more fun!