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Rejuvia makes minty oral sprays using a blend of adaptogens, cannabinoids and botanicals to create better sleep and focus.

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6 days ago

I really loved the sleep spray, it did everything I needed to do, and the customer service was incredible. I had a ton of questions, and they answered me within a few minutes each time with thorough answers. I can’t recommend them enough.

Sleep Spray

11 days ago

Spray is magic. Use it 15 or so minutes before you’re ready to sleep and BOOM! You feel it come on slowly, a slight heaviness behind the eyes… close them and wake up in the am. It’s miraculous for people who have a hard time turning their brain off at night. I have struggled for years. Nothing works for me melatonin or any of that stuff you can buy at the store. Have even tried a few other sleep medications. I have noticed it takes me about a half hour to get going but it is worth it. Overjoyed about being able to lay down and just go to sleep at the end of my day. Will be a customer for life

Sleep Spray

16 days ago

I have been using it for sometime. I am 86, almost 87, and I have Parkinson. Sleep is difficult with this disease. I have tried many things advertised on Facebook to help with my sleep only to be disappointed. Not counting monies I have wasted, which I don’t have. This sleep spray works. I have to use 10 sprays, however, and it doesn’t last as long. But it works.

Sleep Spray

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22 days ago

I am very satisfied with the return policy and customer service from Rejuvia, they emailed easy to follow instructions for managing my return. The company has excellent follow-thought and good communications. Mathew

Sleep Spray

14 days ago

The sleep spray is absolutely essential to my nighttime routine. It helps me fall asleep faster, sleep through the night and wake up refreshed!!

Glowing LucidityVanilla Dream Sleep Spray

21 days ago

love it! I have given the Sleep Spray to both my adult daughters who have trouble sleeping like I do, and they say it works for them too. It works fast and you don't feel groggy the. next day!

21 days ago

Absolutley awesome product. Even my husband asked for more and that means alot :-) will definitely be telling others about the effectiveness and the ease of use and the taste is great! thank you!!

Sleep Spray

12 days ago

This product was purchased in error by a unauthorized user in our home. The owner of this company went above and beyond to issue a full refund in a timely manner.

21 days ago

This stuff is magic. I used to be the all time great sleeper, then I hit 65. (I'm one of those annoying healthy people, active, def do all the sleep hygiene things). Now and then I find myself wide awake at 3 or 4. Before Rejuvia I would take homeopathic tablets and they worked but left me groggy. Since my issue isn't falling asleep all of the other natural sleep aids I used to take didn't help with that. Now when I wake up, I assess whether I'm going to fall asleep naturally and if not, 3 sprays and I'm off to dreamland. I will say it doesn't happen immediately but it's worth the wait cause I get dreamy sleep and wake up feeling good.

6 days ago

I used the sleep spray. And it was amazing I have been using melatonin for a long time. And this is better! My girlfriend uses it as well and she also likes it! The customer service is top notch always responded to all my questions! I will be a buyer of the sleep spray 100%

Sleep Spray