Pure Rosy

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Pure Rosy makes leakproof underwear designed to absorb menstrual blood, sweat, and incontinence.

Pure Rosy Reviews

Pure Rosy reviews


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2 reviews

7 months ago


My daughter has several pairs and they have held up amazingly well! They are the easy to wash and are perfect for any time of the month. Pure Rosy has an excellent variety of styles and sizes..

7 months ago

Pure Rosy is by far the BEST period underwear on the market!! I've tried probably 5 other competitor companies and none of their products are anywhere close to the quality of Pure Rosy— every other period underwear either feels like a diaper, or doesn't absorb the blood properly. Pure Rosy is extremely comfortable, SO CUTE, absorbs quickly, and hold the amount of blood that it says it does. I'll never switch to another brand after trying Pure Rosy.