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Prolog Coffee sells specialty coffee from Copenhagen.

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5 months ago

I've visited their cafe in Copenhagen (which was excellent) and also bought a few bags of beans for home use (which was also excellent) so I'm a very happy customer. Their coffee is a Scandinavian light roast, but just a little darker than Coffee Collective which has a tendency to roast too light for my taste. Prolog does everything I want from a roastery, but is a little too pricy.

7 months ago

Fantastic roaster selling a good selection of well roasted tasty coffee beans. They also have a couple of cozy coffee shops in Copenhagen. I love how their coffee tastes, and it makes great espresso, but at 478 kr (€64) for 1kg of espresso roast beans, Prolog is too expensive to be a daily coffee for me.

7 months ago

Amazing roaster and cafe. Nice and light roasts and plenty of different styles for all tastes. I love their stranger roasts and the way the challenge my assumption of what a cup of coffee should taste like. The beans are expensive but they are 100% worth it in my opinion.


Make sure to ask/pay attention if your preference is for very classic darker roasts and aren't into more out there coffee.