Post Meridiem Cocktails

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Post Meridiem Spirit Company makes a range of full-strength canned cocktails.

Post Meridiem Cocktails Reviews

Post Meridiem Cocktails reviews


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3 reviews

a year ago

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My grandfather owned a bar and when he retired I acquired a canned cocktail Mai Tai from the 1970s as a keepsake from his bar. When I saw all of these canned cocktails coming back, I was super excited to try one. Enter Post Meridiem. My husband went to their warehouse and bought them in bulk (his quirky hobby is buying random things in bulk from fancy soap to high thread count bed sheets -- don't ask). These became a big hit not just at gatherings at our house, but we've also been asked to bring them with us when we go to family functions. (We're a family that likes to drink together and not a family that drinks because we are together). My husband prefers the Old Fashion. I'm a suck for the Into the Night Espresso Martini (though I have to say it would be great during brunch too).

2 years ago

I've tried a lot of canned cocktails, and these are up there at the very top. (Most are super bad, sorry to say) Real juice makes all the difference! Haven't had the new Espresso Martini, but loved (in order) the Mai Tai, the Old Fashioned, the Margarita, & the Vodka Gimlet. A little less into the Daiquiri. Pour one of these over ice and add your own fresh garnish and for the average imbiber, these could definitely pass for a just-mixed cocktail.

a year ago

This is the most authentic cocktail in a can that I've come across so far. These are strong, super convenient, and tastes like a cocktail actually should. The real ingredients make all the difference in taste. My favorites are the Southside, the Vodka Gimlet, the Espresso Martini, and the Old Fashioned. The Southside tastes very similar to a mojito, but with a gin base. I've tried so many canned "mojito" cocktails, and none of them get the mint right. This one nails it. The Vodka Gimlet is like a boozy limeade. It's tart, not too sweet, and the lemongrass is very refreshing. There are a lot of Espresso Martinis coming out right now. This one is insanely good. Great dark-roast coffee notes with hints of vanilla and chocolate. The caffeine makes it perfect for an afternoon pick me up or an evening pregame. The Old Fashioned is really nice. The bourbon is quality, and the bitters is a bit different than the standard Angostora bomb, It's a nice clove/allspice


Just make sure to enjoy this over ice, don't drink it straight from the can.