Polène Paris

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Polène Paris sells a variety of handmade, leather bags and accessories made in Spain.

Polène Paris Reviews

Polène Paris reviews


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6 reviews

7 months ago

I wanted to love my Polene purse but while the leather quality was stellar, I did not like the capacity of the bag. I have the white dumpling bag and the interior is quite small. I don’t like the opening. Nothing against the quality but it’s just not my personal taste.

a year ago

The leather quality and craftsmanship is great but I didn't love that they had such a dramatic price increase recently. Also I have the mini cyme and I love the design but it doesn't have a zipper which can get fairly annoying.

a year ago

I have been a fan of the brand for a while and what they are building. During my recent trip to Paris I went to their store to pick out my bag and love it! They are truly building something special and I am really happy to be an early customer for a brand that will be a legacy brand one day.

a year ago

gorgeous gorgeous bag. i got the numero dix in monochrome black with textured leather. received so many complements on it :,,)

a year ago

Beautiful bag, amazing packaging. Their "Numéro Un" is an amazing signature bag :-) My fave color: Trio Caramel Grainé.

10 months ago

Polène is a brand that encapsulates the essence of understated luxury. In a sea of designer brands, Polène has captured my heart with its exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and devotion to creating timeless accessories that transcend trends. My nano bag has been my absolute go-to bag that I grab whenever I head out and I always receive compliments.