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Platterful offers a subscription box service for personalized, curated cured meats and cheeses delivered to your door.

Platterful Reviews

Platterful reviews


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a year ago

My packages arrived on time, and was securely packed. I have ordered twice, and the kits were different, but similar. I brought this to Christmas, and it was almost entirely eaten by 6 adults. Everyone loved it, and really enjoyed trying different flavor combos, and sharing their favorite. Great kit, I will definitely order again! It was already requested for the next holiday!


Fresh fruit ideas to serve with this? Maybe chocolate espresso beans, or smaller pieces of chocolate? No one wanted to take the candy.

a year ago

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I gave this as a gift to my brother for Christmas - I knew it was something he would enjoy with friends! He was really excited by the amount and quality of food that came in the box. There was so many different fun brands to try. He also said it was to set up with the directions Platterful provides. He sent me pictures once it was all set up - it's a really fun gifting experience. I'm thinking about ordering one for myself now too!

a year ago

First, let me say that they are going to send you authentic varieties of products. You may get something that doesn't necessarily meet your top 10 cheeses or meat samplings/ flavors of all time but that is part of the excitement of it. I have tried 2 different boards and they were different, but similar. I wasn't the biggest fan of one of the first goat cheeses, but then loved the second one! (My son loved the first one witht the mustard that came with it) The great thing is that you get to sample these products and find your favorite! You have to have a little creativity to put it on the board as beautiful as the picture, but fortunately they explain how to do that. I highly recommend giving them a try!


I did get the wrong kind of cracker at first ( I ordered Gluten free and got wheat), but they were very responsive and fixed this for me quickly. If you are looking for something different for a get together I would recommend giving this a try.