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Our Own Candle Company sells a variety of quality scented candles.

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1 review

6 months ago

These candles are amazing. I first bought one at the Indiana State Fair to test out since they smelled so great. I was very impressed! Many candies smell good and then when lit either have a horrible smell or no smell at all. These all smell just as great! The packaging I've always purchased is the mason jar with a handle. It's a little kitschy and farmy so not for everyone's decor taste but I have noticed they started selling in other ways so that's a plus. I was very excited to see that since I started purchasing they put up a website and started selling on Amazon so no waiting around until the fair to purchase. Their website isn't super sleek so I've always purchased via Amazon since it's easier to use (plus prime shipping). I've gotten to the point where I buy one for my aunt every single year (banana nut bread) and she always looks forward to it. I tend to buy at least 3-4 of these a year either for myself or friends and family. I've never used non-food scents so I can't speak for those but I love the food scents. They all smell good enough to eat! They also last a long time which makes a $15-$20 price absolutely worth it.