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NoonBrew makes a superfood tea that provides an alternative to an afternoon coffee or energy drink.

NoonBrew Reviews

NoonBrew reviews


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6 reviews

5 months ago

Moonbrew worked super well for me and tasted really nice. I struggle with getting good sleep so this was nice. My main issue is the price is a bit hefty so unfortunately, I cant afford it for everyday use. I tried noonbrew and wasn't a fan of this one due to the taste. customer support is great and was willing to let me try something else. I think if you struggle with sleep and don't want to take melatonin- moonbrew is something worth trying. If you don't like it at all, they have great csm support and guarantee.

a year ago

I drink this with a lemon slice sometimes on the days when the post lunch slump is particularly strong. I don't drink coffee and am very sensitive to caffeine and this seems to do the promised job of perking me up without giving me the caffeine jitters / headache. I don't know how much it has an effect on everything else regarding digestion, focus, etc. but it doesn't have any bad effects? I do like how convenient the pouch is to travel with too :)


The powder can clump up in the water a bit and there's a bit of residue left behind if you put it in a glass / water bottle that you'll need to clean with a brush - it definitely doesn't dissolve cleanly and can leave little teeny orangey / yellow deposits in your drinkware.

a year ago

Noonbrew is an intersting product. I can't tell if it does everything it says it does but I do feel one predominant effect: my heart starts to race whenever I finish my cup which I brew with the spoon it comes with. No jitters, nothing uncomfortable but I can almost hear the pounding of my heart! I mix it with honey for better taste.

8 months ago

I got the sample pack that included the mug, frother, noon brew and moon brew. I think I paid extra for the honey. The idea sounded great but I just didn’t enjoy the flavor. To make the moon brew palatable i mix it with a sugar free hot cocoa. It’s better with milk than hot water. I feel more relaxed after drinking it but didn’t notice a huge change in sleep. I really don’t enjoy the Noon brew. The honey doesn’t help. The frother is super high powered. It splashes the drink everywhere. I use it now for mixing my protein shakes. The inside of the mug shattered randomly. I won’t purchase this again.

a year ago

Enjoy this product, it’s easy to make and tastes nice. Plus all the benefits of it’s ingredients. I’m not a coffee drinker so having an instant tea that I can make on the go without needing hot water is a huge selling point


Haven’t tried their nighttime line yet, but looking forward to it

a year ago

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NoonBrew is something I can’t go a day without! I use it in my morning smoothies and a glass after lunch. It’s my go-to pick me up drink. Especially on the weekends when I feel tired around 3-4pm. It doesn’t make me feel jittery or uncomfortable and I still can sleep at night.