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nomz makes a range of organic, vegan, and gluten-free snacks.

nomz Reviews

nomz reviews


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6 reviews

2 years ago

I love the branding, love the transparency of the brand and the ingredients but the taste just isn't for me.

2 years ago

Works for nomz

In a world full of over-complicated products, I really appreciate the transparency and simplicity that nomz brings to the market. Their hazelnut bites are my favorite! Though they cost a bit more compared to other snacks, they're deceivingly satiating and super delicious (not dry or chalky or overly sweet), so it's definitely worth the cost to me, especially with their sub-and-save deal on their website :)

2 years ago

Nom Nom Nomz. Tasty treat and tasty branding. I love that this product is Canadian. (Represent!) I feel it is so uncommon these days to find a product that is certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and has no refined sugars. I love the minimalistic branding. The product itself is tasty. My reasoning for giving it a 4/5 is that it is healthy/organic/what I am looking for ingredients wise, however I find it dehydrates your month a little as it is quite dry. Regardless I would take this over any other protein bites stuffed with isolates and sunflower lecithins. I would encourage you to tests out this brand for yourself. Simple and whole ingredients are hard to come by these days. Embrace them while you can!

a year ago

I got a couple different flavours and although the taste was okay the flavour differences were not very significant. They all tasted the same. It is also a snack I do not see myself reaching for if I need a boost. I wished they were better to be honest. I really wanted to like them.

2 years ago

As as Nutritionist, I am always looking for clean, nutritious and delicious snacks for on the go clients. Love the bits! I also am obsessed with their macadamia nut butter... there is nothing more delicious!


Although I enjoy adding the Daily Nourish onto yogurt bowls, it's taken me a while to go through the product. Maybe an option for a smaller size for people to try before committing to the large jar.

2 years ago

Works for nomz

nomz hazelnut energy bites are an all time favourite afternoon snack with simple, healthy ingredients and no refined sugar!