Nebula Snacks

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Nebula Snacks crafts sugar-free, clean, plant-based chocolate with eco-conscious packaging.

Nebula Snacks Reviews

Nebula Snacks reviews


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2 reviews

2 years ago

Received a free product from Nebula Snacks

I tried both the milk and dark chocolate flavors! I was very impressed with how they tasted. Aside from the initial sourness that you typically get from oat milk, these tasted great and were very comparable to normal dairy chocolate. The texture was obviously not as creamy but still so good. I took a box of these to a bbq party with friends and they were a hit! Highly recommend gifting to friends and family who have gone plant-based or dairy-free!


I would love to see more flavors. And a cute branded bumper sticker or freebie with package would be a nice touch!

a year ago

They don't taste good! Pretty chalky. There are a lot of better sugar-free chocolate brands out there.