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Naomi Nomi makes modern yet timeless clothing pieces designed for women.

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8 months ago

This is my first Naomi Nomi shirt, but I don't think it will be my last. Naomi Nomi makes beautiful, thoughtfully-designed and made shirts (and some other stuff, but I'm focusing on the shirts). I came across them on Instagram and fell in love with their branding immediately. The aesthetic of their photos, the diversity of their models, the story on their website, their tone of voice... But we really care about the shirt, right? When I got The Honors Oxford in the mail, the moment I touched it, I knew it was worth the price. This is the softest denim I've ever touched, and I think the shirt is going to be a great year-round staple. Not too heavy, but easily layered, and equally as chic open as it is buttoned up. This particular shirt has INCREDIBLE buttons. I've never felt this way about buttons. Corozo buttons (good) surrounded by gold (even better) take my oxford to another level. All of their products are made-to-order, meaning this is not a "order it today, get it in three days" situation. The making + shipping timelines were clear in the product descriptions. Other little surprise-and-delight things I like about my shirt: - The merino-backed collar. It makes me feel like a boss. - The stitching on the shirt is the same color as the fabric, which just makes it look so clean. - The buttons. The buttons!! - The fabric is so, so soft. I love it. They allow you to pay with Shop Pay and break up your not-inexpensive shirt into a few payments, which is a plus for me!


There was a slight mix up when my shirt was being produced, where because they are a made-to-order company, they made the wrong size shirt for me. They caught it before the shirt ever left their studio, and they kept me in the loop. Incredible communication from the team when this happened! In the end, I got my shirt, I was happy, and everything was good.