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Mother Root makes bold, alcohol-free aperitifs.


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2 days ago

I love the Marmalade Switchel and will keep it on a subscription. Nice added to an occasional G&T! Will now try the Ginger Switchel, expect to be wowed!

4 months ago

Lovely packaging and great flavour. Just what I was hoping for. I drink mine simply with ice and sparkling water and it is the most refreshing thing!

3 months ago

The marmalade switches is a great summer substitute for a negroni when I don't want to drink alcohol, but I want a grown up drink. I shake it with ice and top it up with a low calorie tonic water. Perfect!

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3 months ago

I first purchased Mother Root for my husband who loved anything ginger. Initially I made a long cold drink with soda, lemon and ginger with ice cubes. A really refreshing drink. During his illness I was making ginger tea with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and adding honey as it cooled slightly. Adding Mother Root into this mixture gave it the extra ginger hit. The tea helped to relieve the mucus from lung disease. I have repeatedly purchased the product and also given as a gift too which went down well.

3 months ago

This is a refreshing non alcoholic drink for grown ups. It's so nice to have something that you really don't miss the alcohol in and is tasty and not coke or lemonade. My summer go to drink.

3 months ago

A hero product, utterly hardcore. I am unable (not unwilling!) to drink alcohol and struggle to find anything to replace alcohol: this product is one of the few tools in my drinking armoury. Kind thoughts, Andrew.

3 months ago

Love the ginger switches. Marmalade is nice too but after trying both twice I settled on the ginger as my favourite. I keep taking it to friends’ places to try and they always insist on keeping the bottle. I love that it tastes like a grown up drink that you actually want to have at a party even though it has no alcohol in it. The bitters element works well as an aperitif or a late night stomach settler. Brilliant find that my nutritionist recommended to me.

4 months ago

This is a tasty alternative, better than squash or fizzy drinks when you’re looking for something to have that isn’t alcohol! It’s so enjoyable you find yourself looking forward to one or two in the evening! I love it!!

4 months ago

Just love mother root a great alternative to alcohol

5 months ago

Friends with Mother Root

Love love LOVED the Marmalade Switchel over a blood orange Fever Tree tonic water. I was given this as a gift but currently have the Ginger Switchel in my shopping cart I love it that much. What a Brilliant Buy Women Built brand!